Pop Shoes!

Anyone who has a young child can admit that when their son or daughter wears shoes that light up when they walk, that little kid inside of us all has just a touch of shoe envy. Most adults, when they were young, were lucky if their shoes had laces or a Velcro strap, so, when I heard about POP Shoes – LED light up shoes for adults, I knew I had to have them.

The classically styled POP shoes are based on the principle that shoes don’t have to be boring and that fun can actually be good and these shoes definitely bring a smile to peoples faces. Their collection is based on the very popular chuck style of shoes made famous by Converse. However, they have been dragged into the 21st century with the very cool addition of button controlled LED lights in the soles of the shoes (and its about time too).  There is also the ability to have the lights stay on permanently or flash like a 70’s disco.

Made from premium materials and a choice of both high or low cuts in a myriad of colors, these shoes check all the right boxes. They are fun, bright, colorful and are really comfy to wear.

So brighten up your day or night and check out www.mypopshoes.com


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