Brickell Maximum Strength Hand Balm

Once upon a time the sign that you were a ‘mans man’ was the rough calloused hands of old. The type of hands that look like leather and feel like it too. Not anymore! Brickell have created a hand balm for men that can protect your skin and repair chapped, cracked, and dry hands.

Their all-natural maximum strength hand balm is the type of product today’s modern man has on their shelf. This light and fast absorbing cream enriched with Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba works to re-hydrate the skin and give it the essential vitamins it needs to protect itself from your day to day activities. The unique combination provides an almost ‘protective glove’ around the hand to prevent moisture loss.

I have to admit that I have tried a number of men’s hand balms and lotions and often at times I have found them leaving a greasy residue behind that takes forever to be absorbed, preventing me from my very important husband duties (something I used as an excuse many times). However, this is not the case with Brickell’s maximum strength hand balm. I found it worked surprisingly well and replaced lost moisture and was absorbed quickly without any sticky uncomfortable side effects.

So protect your moist valued asset with Brickell Men’s Products Maximum Strength Hand Balm, 4 Ounce


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