Atlas Strength Training Fitness Tracker

One of the fundamental flaws with fitness trackers is the false positives they sometimes give.  They are too basic and count the amount of steps you take in a day to somehow determine your overall fitness level. Worse still, you may not even be moving and it is still logging steps. Atlas have aimed to reinvent the fitness tracker by making a band that auto-detects every exercise not just the steps you take – from push ups to squats, it knows what you are doing while at the same time virtually coaching how well you are doing it.

Structurally the fitness tracker features a large horizontal OLED touch screen, a number of built-in sensors and Atlas’ own mag-lock technology which allows you to easily remove the tracker module from the watch band for charging, to switch location or simply swap to another band. It appears very sturdy, well made and not clunky on the wrist – which is important!

What makes the wristband a game changer is that besides the usual calories burned and heart rate metrics it doubles as a guided fitness coach with real-time tracking. Atlas calls it Adaptive Motion Tracking, simply put, it comes pre-loaded with over 70 frequent exercises people do to stay fit and can guide you set by set through the workout like a personal trainer would. Or if you prefer, you can use it in freestyle mode where it tracks every aspect of your fitness as you move toward a common goal.

As with most trackers, there is a corresponding app that is very user-friendly where you log each workout while it tracks your cardiovascular strength, body weight, velocity and even analyzes your form to provide users with excellent feedback as to how and where they can improve. Best of all, you can even teach Atlas new and or custom exercises to be recorded.

The Atlas wristband is everything a fitness wearable should be. It is not just some arbitrary step counter; it is a personal trainer built into one very smart device. It can not just record your fitness but coach you to look and feel happier and healthier through structured and practical workouts that actually make a difference. Given enough time, this very same device might make those very expensive personal trainers defunct in gyms across North America.

Buy yours today – Atlas Wristband 2: Digital Trainer + Heart Rate Band


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