Northwest Bierhaus Jerky

As the weather warms up and we find ourselves frequenting outdoor patios with a cold brew in our hands, we all need that perfect drinking snack. Something tasty, salty, meaty and delicious – Northwest Bierhaus Jerky has the answer!

NBJ specializes in hand-crafted beef jerky marinated in North-west beers and West-coast wines that are naturally smoked to create a harmonious experience that is undeniable.

With their beer marinated jerky options like IPA hot jerky or Dark Ale beef option, you get a very tasty mouth-watering premium protein filled beef treat. Both options were tender with just a slight ‘hoppy’ after taste that was very pleasant and not overpowering at all.

Then we move on to something a little more original, wine marinated jerky. From Cabernet to Pinot Noir from the Oregon, Washington and California area codes, you have a number of choices on bottle here. The one thing that surprised me was how different the taste was. The wine jerky feels more sophisticated, something you could serve as a delicious snack at a dinner party. Each one having their very own bold and unique flavors. Definitely worth the try.

So, start to enjoy your Summertime outdoor entertaining by serving something that is a little different from cheese and crackers, checkout Northwest Bierhaus Jerky (Hot IPA)


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