MiNT TL70 InstantFlex Camera

If you have been looking around at all of the gadgets and gizmos that seem to invade our lives lately, it is completely understandable to long for those days when things were just simple. Phones only made calls, TV’s weren’t smart and a photograph didn’t need a fancy filter to make it a great shot. MiNT Camera is a company specializing in Polaroid™ instant film cameras and its accessories and they have yet again reinvented the classic instant camera with the TL70.

The classic Polaroid camera has been around for nearly 50 years; it’s beauty lies in the simplicity of being able to have a hard copy of your photograph just seconds after taking it. There was no USB cables or software or even a computer needed. You just pointed, clicked and printed your photo. There is a certain sense magic in the instant camera and MiNT has worked hard here to keep that legend alive.

The TL70 has been 5 years in the making and has completely re-imagined the classic instant camera with some clever upgrades. Firstly, it has a very clever pop-up large view finder which uses a Fresnel lens that yields a much brighter view of your prospective shot. It allows you to see exactly what photo you will be taking before you take it. Long gone are the days of looking through a tiny viewing window! It also features a three element anti-reflective lens to maximize light transmission and improve image quality. Not to forget a 5 leaf shutter for greater control over aperture.

They have also managed to remain versatile by giving users the ability to improve indoor or low light shots with a very cool built in flash, ambient light sensor and B-mode shutter. You can also change the exposure level to master the perfect shot. A big improvement on any instant camera in the market today.

Best of all, InstantFlex TL70 uses Fuji instax mini films, which fit perfectly in your pocket and are very reasonably priced. You can also kit out your own TL70 with additional lens, straps and cases if you desire.

MiNT have a great little product on their hands here, it is well made, very easy to use and gives users that sense of nostalgia that can only come from an instant camera. The success of this product lies in its history, its functionality but best of all its simplicity.

You can buy your own by following this link – InstantFlex TL70


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