Kettle Pizza – Gas Pizza Oven Kit

Everybody loves pizza, it is one of the most recognized foods in the world and the tastiest. Many of us are happy to settle for our local pizza place when we get a craving – with their plastic cheese and cardboard crust. However, there is a way to convert your gas grill into a backyard pizza oven where you can enjoy fresh oven baked pizza the way you like it at home without spending thousands of dollars. Kettle pizza’s gas pizza oven kit is the answer!

This ingenious kit creates a cooking chamber that focuses the heat from the barbecue into a small space to mimic the effect of a ceramic pizza oven. It’s actually very easy to use. The kit is comprised of a heavy stainless steel chamber with thermometer that sits on your grill. Your grill must have at least 3 burners and 24×17 cooking area which most barbecue’s nowadays have. You simply turn your burners to high and warm up the steel and the pocket below generates heat. Then you take the pizza stone (also included) slot that in the space to also warm up. Once the thermometer says pizza ready – you simply take your pre-made pizza, however you like it, and slide it onto the stone – occasionally turning the pizza to get an even cook.  Once melty, you take your pizza flip and remove it from the stone and serve.

After using the kit this past week, this is my new favorite thing. It is very convenient and allows me to make some clever crusty creations to fulfill my very own pizza desires. The included stone and pizza flip in the deluxe edition were very useful and it did take a few tries to get the hang of it but now I can never look back. Kettle pizza is also offering for a limited time a pair of leather grill gloves for all purchases made through the site. Oh and don’t worry if you have a charcoal barbecue, they have something for you too!

If you are sick of store bought, mundane and uninspired pizza then you need to and get yourself a Kettle Pizza gas pizza oven kit today.

Buy yours here – KettlePizza Gas Pro Deluxe Pizza Oven Kit – KPD-GP

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