Eero – Wi-Fi that works!

Wi-Fi problems are a common first world issue most of us can relate to. The all so frequent dead zone in the house where no signal can be found or just overall shady connections are not unfamiliar. Ironically Wi-Fi is the foundation to our increasingly connected smart world – light bulbs, cameras and even the washer and dryer rely upon it. Eero wants to change the way we use Wi-Fi.

Most of us 21st century thinking type people have tried to fix our connectivity issues with new routers, range extenders and even the modem router combo, however, most of these are just Band-Aid solutions to a larger problem. Those larger problems seem to be hard to get around – walls, doors, appliances, neighbors’ networks, metal, water (water heaters and fish tanks alike), dogs, anything solid really. So how do we fix it? Simply put, Eero can create multiple access points and create a Wi-Fi network to engulf your home from basement to ceiling. It sounds scary, but it’s actually quite ingenious. Each Eero box is connected to your existing modem, similar to a router, and is comprised of a powerful dual-core 1 GHz CPU, two state-of-the-art 802.11ac Wi-Fi radios, and 5 antennas into a beautiful enclosure that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

With the assistance of the Eero app, you can add as many as you need to cover your home and they automatically connect to each other wirelessly. The additional Eero units simply need power and before you know it you have created a more efficient connected W-Fi network. A set of three will cover the average home (2,000 – 4,000 sq. ft.), but the beauty of Eero is that you can expand your system to cover any home, regardless of its size or shape

The app itself also enables you to have greater control and manage your network from the palm of your hand. You can see how many devices are connected, speeds you are getting, enact parental controls and you can even share your network with guests – very easily.

What surprised me the most about this technology was just how easy it was to set up, the app guides you through install and before you know it – you are connected. In my own experience, I also found that I was gaining much better web browsing and download speeds thanks to dual band broadcast technology built in, however this is network dependent.

Eero may have just fixed Wi-Fi forever. Its simple, it’s beautiful and it works. What else is there to say?

Buy yours today – eero Home WiFi System (Individual) – Blanket Your Home in WiFi with Complete Wireless Router & Range Extender Replacement System, Gigabit Speed, WPA2 Encryption


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