Stridalzyer Pods

Summer tends to be a month where we all like to get outdoors and get moving. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and for some of us the feet are running. These days, runners have a plethora of ways to track their movement through apps, watches and the like. Stridalyzer pods however aim to give more than just how many steps you take on your average run.

These pods are designed for the casual jogger with the insole upgrade available for the advanced athlete. Stridalyzer improves the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensors and algorithms to bring you even more accurate monitoring and analysis, along with guidance.

The thing that makes these so clever is how easy they are to use, you simply loop your shoelaces through the eyelets on the pods and go. The data is then downloaded, after the fact, through their app and can provide some very detailed statistics on your run.

Along with the usual Pace, Distance, Calories and Step count, the pods also a map of the stress placed on the knees and feet, provide on the go running form alerts and recommendations all while giving real time measurements including stride length, strike rate and GCT.

There is also a very cool feature for those of you who run on treadmills at the gym. With Stridalyzer’s Treadmill function, you will be able to get your treadmill workout to the same level as running outdoors on a track, and even make a comparative analysis of the two workouts.

The benefit of these pods is that they allow you to run without a phone strapped to your arm as the device stores up to 20 hours of data. Also, don’t worry about getting these bad boys wet – they’re waterproof. This fitness gadget for runners will help provide the data needed to correct balance and improve form. Something we runners could all use.

Buy their advanced insoles here – Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE Smart Insoles


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