Zubits – Magnetic shoe closures

As an avid runner, one thing that drives me crazy is when laces come undone mid run. Now, most people will double or even triple tie their laces but then undoing them again can be challenging, especially after a hard 10K. The solution? Zubits – magnetic shoe closures.

Like most parents, the creators of Zubits actually got the idea watching their young children struggle with their laces and wear them out before the end life of the shoe itself. The product itself is really quite brilliant. Three rows of shoe laces are fed through eyelets on the magnetic enclosures for each shoe and simply snap firmly together in the middle.

So what are the advantages? Firstly, after using them a while now, it does make it very easy to just slip your shoe off at the end of a workout because of the larger opening when not fastened, the last thing I want is to fight with my laces puffing, panting and sweating all over the shop. Secondly, it gives your shoes a nice clean look without big messy bows and because of the strength of the magnets, you can find some awesome places to hang them and air out your shoes, I found this especially useful when my wife always complains about my smelly running shoes.

The big question is – do they hold steady while walking or running? Somewhat surprisingly these secure the shoes very nicely, more so than the classic double knot. The Zubits magnets have unique engineering that makes them incredibly strong and when you want to take your shoes off, just step on your heel and pop out hands-free. You can also twist the magnets to easily separate them by hand.

These really do improve on many of the issues faced by both young children and athletes when it comes to shoes and their laces. They are a clever and unique product that work very well and secure all kinds of shoes with ease.

Buy yours today – Zubits – Magnetic Shoe Closures – Never Tie Laces Again! – SIZE 3 BLACK


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