Lapa – Find Anything

There are lots of Bluetooth tracking devices out there, but one wants to rule them all with one account, unlimited tags, accessible through any device – that company is Lapa.

What sets Lapa’s tracking device above the rest of this crowded field is that it is shock resistant, waterproof and built to last a lifetime. It also features a very convenient replaceable battery.

With the very user friendly Lapa App, you can see how close you are to misplaced objects, make Lapa ring and light up so that they can be easily found, and be alerted every time you get separated from your things. The same happens in reverse, that is, if you misplace your phone instead of an object.

Another unique feature is: if you do lose something beyond the 200 ft range, Lapa offers a lot of social features so that you can take the search even further. It connects with Facebook, where you can ask friends for help, and it even allows people that find lost objects to message their owners through the app to return them.

Lapa will definitely help you find your lost possessions, phones, pets or anything really.

Get yours today LAPA – Blue Find everything that matters, from keys to your phone


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