PapaGO Gosafe 535

We live in a world where cameras capture our every move and even more so now when we are on the road with the rise of the dash cam. For the uninitiated, The GoSafe 535 by PapaGO allows you to capture what is happening on and off the road with a Super HD, 160-degree wide angle camera.

This high quality video can be achieved in any environment – day, night and even during weather events. It features an SD card slot for extra storage and allows a very convenient plug and go option into any android device, removing the need to upload the files to a computer – something that not a lot of dash cam makers do.

The GoSafe 535 is also loaded with driver assist safety features like Stop Sign Recognition, Headlight Reminder, Stop-and-Go, and Driver Fatigue Warning. It additionally comes equipped with a built-in gravity sensor where in the event of a collision, it automatically saves the file (useful for insurance claims) and has automatic lifetime updates.

The 535 really is leading its class when it comes to safety and security on the road and is a must have addition to any driver who wants added reassurance for them and their family.

Get yours at PAPAGO GS5358G GoSafe On Dash Camera for Cars


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