Cassia Bluetooth Hub

The problem with Bluetooth devices is that they are very limited by what they can do – they normally have a short range (typically 10 meters or so) with no interior wall penetration; one to one pairing and connectivity is hard to debug when link is not stable and there is no remote control of the home or office Bluetooth devices while the user is not there. With Cassia Networks’ Bluetooth hub, a range of up to 1000+ feet (300+ meters) open air or penetrating up to 3 walls inside homes/offices is now possible.

The Cassia Hub enables you to connect up to 22 Bluetooth based home and or audio devices and enhance them with more than 30 times the standard operating range. You essentially use Bluetooth to control other Bluetooth enabled devices throughout the house that were previously out of range.

Now the big question is, why would you need this? After using the hub this past month, there are some very clever uses for this type of technology. Firstly, would be the set up of a multi room wireless home speaker system, perfect for creating that in-home theater experience or creating music zones around the home. With Bluetooth enabled light bulbs, you essentially could remotely control the lighting environment (even if you are not at home and want to make it seem like you are) and lastly just feel like you have the power of God and control any Bluetooth device connected in your home.

With Cassia’s own range of Bluetooth light bulbs, speakers and the like you could fully connect and automate your home and or office. Something, we are increasingly wanting to do more.

The best part of the Cassia hub is its ridiculously low price tag, just $99 for the hub alone. So why not make your home truly smart with the Cassia Hub.

Get your full kit today – Cassia Hub Connected Home Kit


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