Sandusa – Sand Proof Towels

Summer sun and the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline. These two things are the best part of the warm weather after a long winter. However, with the beach comes the sand and the mess it makes of us and usually our cars. Sandusa, a company from The Gold Coast Australia think they have the solution – and we have to agree.

Sandusa have designed the first ever sand proof and water proof towel for beach goers. One side of the towel is crafted with a nylon backing which prevents sand sticking to the underside of the towel which from our tests was simply awesome at preventing the transfer of sand from beach to car.

The towel itself is also waterproof and is made from high quality cotton terry toweling, meaning, it doesn’t absorb as much moisture as a conventional towel and stays drier for longer. Water simply can’t pass from the toweling side through to the underside. While this was very convenient, we found a small issue here, the towel does get moist and tended to take a longer time to fully dry because of the nylon backing preventing air flow through. Not a big issue, but if you are on vacation and are reusing the towel, this could be problematic.

Made from 100% cotton and nylon, this towel is machine washable and seems very sturdy and long lasting. So, avoid the sand and simply enjoy the surf with towels from Sandusa.

Get yours at – Sandusa Beach Towel – Bronte


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