Lineable smart band

People have differing opinions when it comes to low-jacking their kids but with my 4-year-old starting school in 2 weeks, as a parent I want to know his whereabouts at all times. Lineable’s smart band, helps you track your children using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon technology.

Lineable is a simple silicone wrist band that is water and dust resistant and uses ‘Crowdsourcing GPS’ to locate and track your child via a simple but intuitive app. The app can even notify you when your child wanders away, especially useful at shopping malls or outdoor events.

Lineable app users will automatically detect nearby missing children through their Lineable band, and send the latest location of the child to the ‘protector’. Also, the protector can use ‘Help Request’ when his or her child is missing. By doing so, the protector can notify other Lineable users that there is a missing child around him/her. As there are more Lineable users, the detection range for those children wearing Lineable Band becomes wider.

While this type of technology’s crux is that there needs to be many Lineable users, the company claims to have very good coverage internationally, as indicated on the map on their website.

At just $10.00, this could actually work and be a very clever way of keeping your child safe.

Get yours at – Lineable – Smart Wristband For Kids, Orange, Small


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