Vargo Titanium Para Bottle

Whether its work or play, most of us nowadays carry some form of a water bottle on our adventures. The problem is – many of them are made from cheap plastic or aluminum and tend to dent or even break very easy. Vargo’s para-bottle is made from pure grade titanium and is virtually indestructible.

The problem with many aluminum/metal composite bottles is, by their very nature, the tendency to leach and leave an unpleasant metallic aftertaste and even after some time begin to corrode. The para-bottle is completely bio-compatible and features a food grade silicone O-ring to prevent unwanted leaks. As an added benefit, it also shares a slimmer profile that fits most standard back-country water filters and accessories, perfect for the camping or hiking trip.

After using it this past week and taking it out and about with us, this bottle for the lack of a better term bad-ass! It is strong, has a good capacity and was easy to transport without being too heavy. Adding to the brilliance of it’s construction is also 7 feet of integrated replaceable 550 para-cord with an individually machined geometric shaped lid. This all translates to a quality product that is built to last. A welcome change to some of the other products we have reviewed lately.

Buy yours today – Vargo Para Bottle, Titanium, 34 oz


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