Kyocera HYDRO Shore

There are not many smartphones out there that can take a dunk in water and live to see another day, I’m looking at you iPhone I drunkenly dropped into a toilet! Kyocera’s new Hydro Shore is the answer to one of the most common ways people destroy their phones – water damage!

Hydro SHORE offers the luxury of a waterproof smartphone packed with the best features at an affordable price. With its unique Wet Touchscreen Operation feature (meaning you can operate the touchscreen even while you are under water) we only wish we had this phone on our recent beach vacation to Mexico!

With a gorgeous 5.0″ QHD display, powerful 1.2GHz Quad-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity and a generous battery, this may be the ultimate travellers phone.

Packed with the latest Android software and sporting the ever so neglecting microSD card slot and all at an affordable price, this is a very good option for the budget conscious man or woman of the world.

Get yours today at


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