Wipebook pro

When big ideas strike us, we normally reach for whatever is closest to write it down, albeit – a post-it note, some scrap paper, a napkin…anything really. Great ideas need to be written down but the problem is, loose papers easily get lost. We have been accustomed to generating ideas on paper but now there is a better way.
The Wipebook pro is the solution, it is the world’s first reusable whiteboard notebook where you can gather all of your thoughts and even erase some with ease!

The pro features tanned faux-leather front and back covers with a lay flat wire-o brass binding. Being a full size dry erase notebook, 8.5 x 11, you have tons of room for sketching, diagraming, note taking, and yes, even daily to-do lists.

So how does it work? Each page in the notebook is equipped with patented hyper-gloss film technology that can be written on with any whiteboard or transparency marker. When opening the notebook, it simply looks like glossy white photography paper with the added benefit of being easily erasable with any eraser including the one tacked on to the end of the included marker.

After using it this past week, it has been immensely helpful in cutting down our office’s environmental impact (overuse of paper) and we found it very easy to use, erase and reuse without any annoying smudges or marks left behind. Just keep in mind though, if you want to keep what is on the page, select another page in the stack to write on.

Wipebook claims this could be the last notebook you ever use; we tend to agree.

Get yours at – Wipebook Pro (Dry Erase Notebook – ruled)


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