Edelkone Povie

To film a good point-of-view video is next to impossible if you counter in factors such as camera jitter, arm tiredness from holding that weighty cellphone and even poor shot framing. Edelkone’s Povie is a wearable accessory that allows you to live in the moment hands-free and capture some stunning point of view videos.

Aesthetically, the Povie looks like a necklace that features a magnetic mount up front for a smartphone to sit in. The advantage of this set up is that the camera is always facing what you are seeing. It’s application could be beneficial in relation to how-to videos or in video chat demonstrations in a business environment. The mount is also adjustable to different angles to better frame your direction.

We were very impressed with the Povie especially in its minimal design, its reassuring mount and more importantly all the applications for such a device. This could finally change all those horrible YouTube instructional videos where they struggle to work their camera and do something at the same time. We could also see this being a game changer in student film productions and new product launches.

The Povie aims to give us an insight into our own and other peoples worlds with point of video that doesn’t suck! We are definitely OK with that.

Check it out at http://www.edelkone.com

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