TID Watches

One thing we love about TID watches is their endless pursuit of simplicity, they make stunning timepieces that not only are striking but are good value for your money.

TID also act as a canvas for artists, thinkers, writers and visualizers to conduct creative research on the subject of time. Their exploring time concept showcases new artist talent with photography and conceptual art that features their watches, something we thought was a really cool concept.

Their iconic No.1 Black / Tan Leather Wristband watch we got to try was a stunning minimalist timepiece where the basic functions of the watch were paired down into an easy to read dial and adjustable leather strap. Constructed from stainless steel complete with a monochromatic brushed finish and barely noticeable branding meant that the real beauty of this watch can shine through.

With its 40mm mineral glass face, Japanese movement and suitable water resistance, it is everything one needs on their wrist.

With many different finishes and band choices available, TID have mastered the art of creating simple yet beautiful watches that do the one thing they are supposed to do, tell the time, very well and we are fine with that.

Buy yours today – TID no. 1 Watch – Black / Tan Leather Watch


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