Lawrence Hunt Dress Shirts

OK men, it’s time to lift your game when it comes to dress shirts. The ill-fitting, tired and worn shirts of yesteryear simply do not cut it anymore in the workplace. A dress shirt should look and feel as comfortable to wear as a shirt you would wear on the golf course. Lawrence Hunt, is a performance clothing brand that works on the simple philosophy that your dress shirt should not only be comfortable but make you feel confident.

Lawrence Hunt clothing applies the same concepts and technologies used to make an athlete’s uniform breathable, comfortable and resistant to sweat as it does in their dress shirts. Made from premium Egyptian Giza cotton, their hand crafted modern fit means that comfort is put at the forefront. Not only are their shirts wrinkle resistant but feature stretch performance fabric in the underarm area that has unique moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties thanks to materials constructed from recycled PET bottles.

With many styles, available, Lawrence Hunt dress shirts are perfect for business wear, weddings, or other high stress situations. With each shirt coming in under the $85 price point, these are value for money if you respect breath-ability, style and comfort in your work-wear.

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