Krakatoa – More than just underwear

The folks over at Krakatoa might be on to something when it comes to Men’s underwear. They saw what men had to deal with when it came to underwear – scratchy labels, rough leg openings, marking waistbands and more. So, they set out to invent better – if not the most comfortable underwear – by simply making smart design choices.

After extensively researching and testing multiple choices of materials for the fabric and waistband, they adjusted the size and shape of every opening: crotch size, waistband widths, pouch shapes and even reduced the number of panels of fabric needed, so no unnecessary stitching would be required – resulting in some seriously comfortable boxer briefs.

With 3 distinct styles available including the classic trunk, boxer and classic briefs; each underwear is constructed from 92 percent Micro-Modal & 8 percent Spandex: a perfectly soft and stretchy fabric that is super lux and comfortable and barely noticeable to the person wearing it. The material is also more breathable than cotton and is odor and shrink resistant, something we always thought was lacking from a good pair of briefs. A special mention also goes to the very soft and wider constructed waist band that did prevent bending. Each pair also features a unique front pocket for storage?

A highlight of Krakatoa is their club, an underwear club of sorts where owners can have their trunks sent to their home discreetly at a discounted rate on their own schedule – a cool idea to make sure those ‘tightey whities’ don’t hang around too long in the bottom of the drawer. The best part of the club is free shipping and no commitment, you can cancel at any time!

Krakatoa have some seriously comfortable undies here and if you want to wear boxer briefs that are designed by men, for men, then these are a damn fine option.

Get your special ONECUT deal at – Krakatoa Classic Trunks – Black Large

You can also visit their website here.


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