Fuego Box’s Spicy Box of Awesome!

For fans of our site, it is no surprise that Fuego Box got our very own One Cut seal of approval as being one of the greatest gifts you an give to someone who loves food. The subscription service delivers the latest and greatest small batch hot sauces to your home monthly or quarterly to provide you with a world of dynamic taste accompanied by just the right amount of heat.

Now as we hit the malls this Festive season and combat road rage, parking woes and just people, miserable people everywhere – the folks over at Fuego Box have created what could be the ultimate gift box that you can order from the comfort of your home and yes, it is awesome!

Their Spicy Box of Awesome comes packed with over $70 worth of premium small batch spicy greatness. Packaged in a beautiful limited edition rustic crate, it features all those items that simply couldn’t fit into their regular subscription boxes but they still wanted to unleash on the world. Whether you’re a hot sauce connoisseur or food lover, the box includes an incredible mix of authentic and supremely tasty items guaranteed to tickle your taste buds including – Bee Local Hot Honey, Purple Panda Chili Oil, Hoff Sauce, Laguna Salt Smoke Ghost Pepper Salt and even the World’s 1st Dry Hot Sauce by Vesta.

After sampling these items, we must say our favorite is the hot honey, it is a revelation and is delicious when paired with some nice pork chops on the barbecue. It was also surprisingly effective at chasing away a dreaded man flu I experienced this past week.

Fuego Box continues to impress us with their offerings, the value for money is superb and we take great enjoyment in trying and experimenting with all their fine choices.

So, save yourself some time and your own sanity and check out http://www.fuegobox.com

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