SquareStreet SQ38 Plano Watch

What if your wristwatch didn’t tell you the weather, read text messages or had some fancy color screen? What if it was just simple, functional, and beautiful? The folks over at SquareStreet, don’t need lavish gimmicks to sell their watches, they simply make quality timepieces that are developed with a blend of innovation, tradition and carry that distinctly Scandinavian touch.

Their Plano watch features a beautiful 36mm watch face of hardened mineral glass, paired with Swiss 715 movement that offers a staggering 42 months of run-time with 3 hand readout and date indication. It is encased in 316L stainless steel and is hand polished with a premium eggshell white dial (in our model) and genuine Swedish dark brown reindeer strap. Simply put, it looks elegant.

A well-known trademark of Squaretreet’s is the intersecting concentric circles that emanate from the dial center as well as the date hole. The dial offers precise and crisp readout via its 3 hands, and gives you the possibility of reading the time straight from the hour hands inner index track. Topping it all off, added reassurance is given with their 5ATM water resistance and excellent 2-year warranty.

Over the past few weeks, many have remarked at the beauty in the simplicity of the design and we must agree. The watch looks and feels premium on the hand, the date and time are very easy to read, the strap is real leather and it will catch the eye of your co-workers and friends.

SquareStreet have designed a watch that needs to be on everyone’s wrist this Christmas. With a variety of styles available and the very reasonable price of just $285 USD, don’t be a Grinch and make someone’s Christmas extra special this year!

Check them out at http://www.squarestreet.se

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