Gigo Underwear

Fancy a little spice in your salsa? Like your men to be less frio and more fuego? Then as Christmas rounds the corner, perhaps you should take the adage of socks and jocks to the next level with Gigo underwear, a Colombian company that have been revolutionizing the industry for the past 10 years.

Gigo, design underwear that is not just about aesthetic but also functionality. Considering fashion tendencies, avant-garde, and a touch of colorful fun, they have managed to create their own unique style capable of highlighting the beauty and the shape of the body to make you feel good about yourself and what you are wearing. Specializing in underwear, swim suite shorts and sport wear, Gigo have an interesting design language that is modeled on high fashion and has a wide graphic language while using premium raw materials and high quality standards.

Their extensive range of products and styles means that there is something for all tastes. From the traditional briefs to boxer briefs, their underwear is incredibly comfortable to wear. Comprised of nylon, cotton and lycra blends, their products are very well made and built to last. Obviously catering to the European markets as well, it could be argued that your choices range from covering a little to covering a lot. There were some variants that really didn’t leave much to the imagination, each to their own I guess.

What is unique about Gigo is their very colorful choices and designs on hand. Are you looking for zebra print briefs? They’ve got that. Fancy your country’s flag covering your junk – they’ve got that too! Feel like you need some more breath-ability downstairs? Want more mesh than cotton? Gigo’s got that style as well.

Gigo have created some fashion forward underwear that allows you to show your true colors, so throw away those stretched out, saggy boxers and add some style and get a little wild this festive season.

Check them out at

You can buy our favorite pair at this special ONE CUT price – Gigo King Sexy Mens Boxer Briefs-Large


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