Winter is upon us and commonplace in the colder months are power outages. If you are like me, when the power goes out you fumble around the house trying to find candles and flashlights with no batteries to avoid the darkness. SmartFlare want to change all that with their LED light products designed for when you need illumination the most.

First cab off the rank is the SwivelproLED. A pocket-sized flashlight that features 14 ultra bright LED lights (7 on each side) with a magnetic base that allows attachment to metal surfaces. The real genius of this product is the inclusion of a swiveling head that allows light to be aimed right where you need to see, keeping your hands completely free. Powered by three rechargeable AAA batteries and with 3 smart light functions that includes flare mode in the event of signaling during an emergency, it is super bright, well made and easily concealable, the perfect camping accessory.

In the same vain is a product they call the SwivelClip, a pint-sized USB rechargeable light that clips onto a hat or shirt and can magnetically attach to any metal surface. It’s water resistant, rugged, and perfect for any other situation where you need a versatile and convenient light such auto work, fishing, walking the dog, running, and so on.

Finally, the combo light, the ultra bright, 360 degree LED powered lighting device that works equally well as a flashlight, work light, lantern, or a flashing emergency light. Its best use is as an emergency road flare when your vehicle is on the side of the road to give other vehicles ample warning of your location. With two different modes, LEDs flash rapidly in the front followed by eleven red LEDs flashing rapidly in the back for 360-degree flashing.

So, when you need to light up your space, check out SmartFlare.

Get this exclusive ONE CUT two pack LED combo light special for just $39.99 – Two Pack LED Combo Light – 3 in 1 Flashlight + Lantern + Flare – Compact Multipurpose Magnetic Work Light with Case


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