Chipolo Plus

Let’s face it, it sucks when you misplace your wallet, keys or even your phone. It is endlessly frustrating and taxing on one’s time and sanity. The folks over at Chipolo want to help you find your most valued possessions with their new and improved water resistant, maintenance free Bluetooth tracker.

Chipolo Plus features some notable upgrades over their classic version we featured here previously. Their tracking devices allow 2-way monitoring of your connected devices. You can ring the Chipolo or the device it’s connected to and obtain its whereabouts. A cool feature we liked was that it can even make your device ring when mute or silence is activated. Not to mention the much louder 100db ring it now emits should make it easier to find your gear than ever before.

With it’s impressive 200ft (60m) range, even when not near your device, the app can alert you to it’s last known location or you can mark your Chipolo as lost and it will allow your Chipolo to be discovered by the community. When anyone using the app comes within Bluetooth range, you will receive an alert notifying you of the location of your Chipolo.

Chipolo always had stellar 1 year battery life but now after that, you can participate in their renewal program that enables you to recycle your old Chipolo and upgrade it to the latest version with 50% discount. This was a welcome change.

As we have said previously, we really love this tracker. It is easy to use and does work very well but again the success of finding your device, when not in range, relies upon a community of Chipolo users and we are just not sure there are that many out there for this to be truly useful.

Nonetheless, at just $24.95 these are a deal. If you are prone to “forgetting” things, then Chipolo Plus is the best solution for you.

Get yours TODAY – Chipolo 2nd Gen 110088 Bluetooth Key Phone Car Luggage Wallet Item Finder & Selfie Remote, Jet Black


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