Miir 20L Daypack

It is refreshing when a company is built on the founding principles of timeless, thoughtful, simple, and sustainable design. Where 5% of their annual revenue is donated to track-able giving projects around the world focused on helping people live better lives through investments in clean water, bicycle transportation and education. Miir, is a company with a social conscience that happens to also make great products and their 20L daypack is no exception.

Their daypack is one of the many products you can purchase that supports Miir’s vision to change the world. The sale of their backpacks fund education resources, their water bottles support clean water initiatives and their bikes support mobility programs for those in need.

Their daypack line is built for the weekend day trip and those who need the versatility of a lightweight and comfortable bag to carry with you. Made from Bombproof 630D nylon, featuring polyurethane lining and PU coated zippers, this will keep your goods safe and dry thanks to the added water resistant measures taken here. There is very convenient quick access side zipper which we very much appreciated, as well as, an eye catching reflective logo and accents plus a padded laptop pocket.

Functionally, the daypack is not only well made but very durable and easy to transport your goods. We also found that is had a good weight balance when full and was comfortable to carry on our daily transit adventures. All check-marks in the right boxes in our books.

With Christmas, just 5 days away, why not support Miir by purchasing one of their many products and help give to those who need it the most this holiday season.

You can check them out at http://www.miir.com

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