MOCAcuff – connected blood pressure monitor

The MOCAcuff is one of the new wave of 2017 tech products that are designed to inform users on how they can live a healthier life and improve their well being through data analysis of your bodies’ internal functions.

The premise behind it, is very simple – it makes it easy for users to incorporate blood pressure monitoring into your everyday routine. Measurement history synced wirelessly to your smartphone — helping you organize your health data, track and improve your health trends, and achieve your health goals.

The MOCAcuff is an FDA cleared medical device that measures heart rate and blood pressure data while being worn on the wrist and with a color-coded key, users can identify their overall health in correspondence with the American Heart Association’s (AHA) blood pressure categories. Data is then collectively analyzed using the accompanying app and suggestions are made by the AHA through the app on how to improve your overall well being and health.

A big advantage of collecting and storing this data is the ability to privately share this information with medical professionals using the HIPAA-compliant messaging platform, which is very forward thinking by designers MOCAcare and the way this technology is heading.

As a technology product, we must say this is a hard sell for consumers. I don’t see anyone spending their money on such a device unless they have a pre-existing condition or someone is really concerned about their health, perhaps to hypochondriac levels. As a medical device, however, this has many applications in the medical field and could perhaps be a simple solution for general practitioners as a means of collecting data on patient’s health. It could be the game changer; the medical profession needs in 2017.

Either way, the MOCAcuff is a forward thinking, comfortable and well designed product that collects health data very successfully and the ability to see trends in personal health and share this data with those concerned is a big step forward and one that needs to be made.

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