Pet Widget – Badge

Let’s face it, our pets are an extension of ourselves. We treat them better than we treat other human beings and in return we get their unconditional love. So, it is only natural that we would want to keep them safe and know their whereabouts always. Pet Widget’s Badge aims to make this easier than ever before.

Badge is an NFC & QR code enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to pet profiles created in the Pet Widget app and is designed and developed to help lost pets reunite with their families. Your pet’s information can be accessed at any time, there are no subscription fees and best of all, owners can even offer rewards for their safe return.

If ever your pet is lost, the person who finds them simply scans the QR code or scans the NFC I.D. tag with their smartphone and the animals’ location is tagged on a map using the accompanying app. When a pet is found, there is even the option to view the pet’s profile and call the owner directly to retrieve your loved one faster.

After using the tag this past month, we are very impressed with this low jack technique to find our pets. We even experimented by leaving the dog with a friend and following the steps to track them. The location tagging is great and super accurate and the ability for anyone to reach the owner by simply scanning the tag is nothing short of brilliant and could keep many pets out of shelters.

This clever and ingenious solution to a common problem is one that any pet owner should seek out and buy. Check them out at

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