All Citizens Apparel – Boxer Briefs

When it comes to underwear, there is an equilibrium that must be met – the quality must be better than the stuff sold at Walmart and the price be reasonable enough for something few people will see. All Citizens Apparel, don’t just make underwear, they strive for performance driven apparel that their consumers can expect more from.

To achieve this, the price needs to make sense. Their guiding philosophy and one we fully support by the way, is that underwear should not cost more than a round of drinks and they achieve this by working directly with manufacturers to pass on maximum savings to consumers. By crafting underwear from only the best microfiber, their boxer briefs are our new favorite pair of undies.

Made from the brilliant blend of 90%polyester and 10% spandex with it’s anti-odor and moisture wicking properties, durable seams and tag-less back, this underwear is supremely comfortable. With a thick mid-rise waistband, which stays put, amazing grip elastic thighs to prevent riding and even quick access fly for when nature calls, they have everything a modern man needs for convenience and comfort. Best of all, is what All Citizens calls “Breathe Zones” – areas made with tightly woven mesh to regulate airflow and allow your manhood to breathe.

We have reviewed a lot of underwear on this site and while they all have their merits, we find ourselves constantly gravitating towards the All Citizens briefs for their comfort and durability for any occasion. In fact, dare we say, have we found the best all round men’s underwear? I guess only time will tell but right now we are loving these!

Check them for yourself at

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