Playster – Entertainment subscription service

A new subscription service has set its sights on becoming an entertainment powerhouse with it’s diverse digital catalog that brings all your favorite music, movies, books, and audiobooks right to the palm of your hands. Playster, gives users complete freedom of choice, anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device.

The folks at Playster value one thing, what they call – entertainment unlimited, they have set some lofty goals to not only provide great value but also to cultivate curiosity among their subscribers and allow them to explore new and exciting forms of entertainment. Their no restriction philosophy, means, that once you have subscribed to their service, you get unlimited access to millions of books, albums, films, games and more.

Setting up Playster couldn’t have been easier. Playster makes it simple to access their services by providing you with an android tablet and great sounding headphones on a 12-month subscription to start your, most likely, entertainment bender. Their proprietary app comes loaded on the device and you simply enter your details and away you go. You can even access content offline, which we thought was a clever addition for those who love to travel.

An ingenious addition to the app is “mood-based” sorting of content, simply tell the app how your feeling and it will curate content tailored to your needs. We were pleasantly surprised how accurate some of the recommendations were and believe us, we tried changing the mood repeatedly. Their online community also allows you to share your experiences and recommendations with other users which was a great way to find out what to read, listen to or watch next.

Their selection is vast and is growing and we generally didn’t face any issues trying to find content to our tastes. However, as with most subscription services, you may not find EVERYTHING you are looking for, but, there is enough to keep you occupied for many, many hours.

Best of all, subscription is free for the first 30 days and is just $22.50 a month after that for unlimited access to all their media. If you were to sign up to every streaming service, audiobook website, eBook content providers and so on – there is no way you would pay less.

Playster is entertainment simplified for the digital age. So, stop searching for what media to consume next and check out

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