Bruzzoni – Wall Street Collection Electric Toothbrush

When most of us think of our toothbrush we think of something practical, necessary, and functional. It serves its purpose and does what it claims to do – clean teeth. However, what if you could be proud of your bathroom electronics, make it a focal piece of the room and truly enjoy them as part of your interior design. The clever folks at Bruzzoni believe that too many electronic brands focus solely on the technology of their product and completely disregard the look and this couldn’t be truer than with their beautiful Wall Street collection series of electric toothbrushes.

If luxury car maker Porsche were to design a toothbrush, it would look like the Wall Street collection. Swedish design and technology meets Italian Luxury in a product that is not just functional but also stylish and sophisticated. Made from beautiful matte plastic with a soft leather structured handle, this is not just your average toothbrush.

Available in silver metal and rose gold variants, their toothbrush not only looks stunning but cleans teeth very well too. With a powerful oscillating speed of 8,000 rpm and a run time of 40 minutes, this thing is built to make your teeth shine. It is very quiet and features a handy LED notification light to indicate power on/off and charge functionality, all of which is done through USB powered inductive charging – something just not found on an electric toothbrush. Inductive charging allows you to simply set your toothbrush on a flat charging pad and is starts charging instantaneously.

Bruzzoni have not just made a pretty toothbrush (which it is) it is also one that brings form and function together seamlessly into something that deserves a place in your bathroom. If you are serious about dental hygiene and want something that works very well and looks good doing it, then you need this electric toothbrush.

Get yours today at

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