Netatmo Presence – Outdoor Security Camera

In our increasingly connected worlds, people want to be reassured that they have full control over the security of their most valued possessions and nothing is more valuable than our homes. In a sea of connected home security devices, Netatmo have created a stylish outdoor security camera that features people, car, and even animal detection.

Netatmo are not new to creating premium indoor and outdoor products for consumers needs with their line of weather, energy, air quality and security devices. Their presence outdoor security camera really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. From the outside, it looks like any other modern conventional wall light, however, the true genius of this product is the fact that it doubles as a pretty powerful security monitor.

The Presence unit simply replaces any existing outdoor light fixture, it is designed from stunning aluminum and is fully weatherproof. It records in full HD only when an event occurs and can detect people, cars, or animals up to 20m / 65ft.

Set up is very easy and using the accompanying app was a breeze. The device records in real time and ultra precise alerts mean you are always in the know. A useful addition is the ability to use the app to see a live stream of your property in the day or the night thanks to the devices infrared vision. Users can also manually or automatically activate the floodlight with the click of a button, something we had way too much fun with & the addition of Alert-Zones allows you to select specific areas for alerts – so you know instantly when someone enters a zone you selected.
Best of all, a day’s activity can be viewed in a few short minutes thanks to time-lapse technology and all videos can be saved to an SD card or cloud services like Dropbox.

Netatmo have designed a modern and functional security camera that can be customized to alert you when someone or something enters the areas surrounding your immediate home. The alerts are fast, the event only recording is clever and the ability to save your recordings to the cloud makes this one of the best outdoor security options on the market today.

BUY yours at One Cut’s exclusive price – NETATMO Presence, Outdoor Security Camera with People, Car and Animal Detection (NOC01-US)


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