TOKK – Smart Wearable Assistant

Imagine a world where with the click of a button you could ask Siri or Google assistant anything, take calls, play music without ever having to touch your phone! Well, this world has been imagined by the creators of TOKK, the world’s first smart assistant.

Occasionally products come across our desk that have us going – “why didn’t we think of that??”, TOKK is one of these devices. Let’s face it, our hands are far from idle nowadays, they are usually consumed with holding a cellphone, a wallet, a Starbucks coffee or whatever else holds your fancy. We need a digital assistant who is just a click a way to help us arrange our busy lives.

TOKK is a hands-free, clip on device that magnetically attaches to your clothing. Essentially it is a small but mighty Bluetooth 4.0 speaker button with a 40-hour standby time and high-quality sound output with active noise cancellation. Made with comfort and form in mind, it enables you to stream music, activate smart voice control with the click of a button, take calls and even take a selfie as it also operates as a remote shutter control.

TOKK is one of those devices that wants to simplify those things we do everyday by keeping your smartphone in your pocket instead of in front of your face. After using it this past month, we can confidently say that this is where wearable technology should be heading. As a society, we have become consumed with our screens and not the world around us. TOKK wants to merge all the conveniences of modern technology into something we can wear while still enjoying life and that is something we can get behind.

Buy TOKK at a great price here – TOKK Smart Wearable Assistant Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker Phone, Red

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