Showers Pass – Atlas Jacket

With the wetter than normal weather Southern Ontario has been getting this past May, many of us, myself included, seem to be seeking out some good rain gear so that we can still enjoy the great Canadian wilderness but stay dry. Showers Pass, a company out of Portland, Oregon uses high performance materials in combination with innovative functional design to create clothing and gear for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts that keep the rain away.

Their Atlas jacket is a stylish soft-shell for those that want visibility and a unique style to their rain gear. Crafted from unique MapReflect fabric, the design consists of 11 international cities known for cycling and is visible up to 200m away by car headlight. The 3-layer waterproof fabric is breathable and has some stretch to it but more importantly is very good at keeping you dry. The adjustable airflow cuffs as well as large core vents prevent overheating during high energy activities while the soft, brushed lining and front hand warmer pockets lock in extra warmth when needed.

One thing we also liked was the attention to detail on the little things such as the easy-grip zipper pulls, removable hood that also fits over a helmet and clever inside pocket for goods transportability. The one thing that is obvious is that Showers Pass really love cycling and so do we and this jacket was made for these athletes in mind.

Admittedly, the style may not be for everyone, however, one thing we can say about the Atlas Jacket is at the very least it will keep you dry in the wettest of Spring or Summer storms even if you don’t own a bicycle.

Get yours Atlas jacket here – Premium Waterproof Jacket – Breathable High Visibility Design for Cycling Biking and Outdoor use (X-Large)


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