Impetus Underwear & Beachwear

When the sun is out, unquestionably, it is time for the guns to come out and for that to happen you need some high-quality beachwear and undergarments to look good in while wearing less. Impetus, specialize in making premium swim shorts and underwear for men and women who want to look good and feel good too.

Their swim shorts are an eclectic collection of fine prints and styles that are perfect for those lazy Summer days. The devil truly is in the details with their proprietary rapid dry technology, mesh brief liming and drawstring waistband with metal tips and eyelets. Crafted from 100% polyester, these not only will dry quicker but are also very comfortable. Available in two lengths, you can pick the design that most speaks to you.

Their underwear, too, is the perfect upgrade to the ‘tighty whities’ hidden in your drawer. With a supremely luxe cotton and elastane knit, they have give in just the right places. The waistband is very comfortable and a testament to the quality is the fact that they do not ride up under pants or shorts. Impetus also feature special seamless trunks offering unbridled convenience and comfort. Also, worth noting is that they design underwear made from modal – a fiber extracted from wood – cotton and a small percentage of elastane (6%), that offers even more comfort as the natural fibers are extremely soft and the colors remain strong even after washing. If you want to complete your collection, it is also worth checking out their night and home wear, which brings the same luxe cosiness to the home.

Impetus, know how to create those things we take for granted like underwear, sleepwear and even beachwear and make them feel extremely comfortable while at the same time making you look good while wearing it, this is exactly what the doctor ordered this Summer.

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