Kapten & Son Sunglasses

Sometimes you need to own something that yells to the world who you are, an object that makes a statement and is true to your character. Kapten & Son, craft watches and sunglasses that speaks to the generation of adventure seeking and independent free thinkers who want to be inspired and do the inspiring in this great world of ours.

Designed in Germany, their Havana Tortoise sunglasses, look like they were stolen off the head of Che Guevara himself circa 1970. With a one size fits all philosophy and a frame that is half made from natural acetate and half metallic gold, unique black glass lenses protect your eyes with a powerful UV 400 filter that screams style and quality.

A perfect companion, is their line of premium watches with their three different style choices – campus, pure and joy. Each has their own unique take on the classic watch with various color ways and bands made from real leather, mesh, or canvas. With many different style and color combinations, you are bound to find one that pairs well with any of their 20 sunglass styles for men or women.

One thing is for certain, Kapten & Son have their eye fixed on designing fine quality accessories for both men and women seeking their own personal style and flair. On the odd chance, you can’t find one you like, feel free to check out their configurator section where you can design your own custom style to suit your needs.

Check them out at http://www.kapten-son.com

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