Doo Drops

Are you sick of carrying around a deodorizer every time you need to drop the kids off at the pool? Are you tried of walking through the thick cloud of poo odor after your colleague uses the washroom, or perhaps, are embarrassed by your own alluring scent? There must be a better way! Doo Drops has the solution, a simple non-toxic dry tablet could eliminate the need to light a match the next time you need to go number two.

Used for the home, office, and travel you simply take one of the tablets out of the easily concealable ‘altoid- like’ container (note – these are not good for freshening breath) drop it into the toilet pre-release and let it dissolve. The discreet formaldehyde and phosphate free pill made with natural fragrances will dissolve and trap odors while you destroy the porcelain throne. Speaking of fragrance, Doo drops come in 4 pleasant scent palettes – citrus, lemon, lavender, and peppermint and are free from animal testing.

We won’t go into the very thorough testing process we did for this product but we do agree it significantly reduces the odor following a feces extraction. We did throw every kind of food digestive you can imagine at it, including some very dodgy Indian food from a local 7-eleven. Doo Drops passed each test with flying colors, but, it is worth noting that it will not eliminate smells entirely – unless you spray your anus with Febreze that is, which we don’t recommend. Having said that, we must admit, it is better to have them than not.

If you feel as though your shit don’t stink, make that a reality with Doo Drops.

Buy yours here – NEW- Peppermint Doo Drops Toilet Tablets – Drop.Go.Flush / Home & Office / Traps the smell so no one can tell- 50 Flushes / Professional Grade


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