Boie Toothbrush

Did you know that discarded toothbrushes add over 50 million pounds of plastic to landfills every year? Neither did we! Boie, are looking to re-envision the classic toothbrush by promoting healthy teeth and a healthy environment at the same time!

Most ordinary toothbrushes last about 3 months before they are thrown into the trash and another is purchased, that is not a long life span for something that everybody uses. Driven by innovation, the team at Boie have designed the first American made interchangeable toothbrush head to be both durable and fully recyclable. Their design eliminates this needless waste by letting you replace just the head itself.

The heads themselves are quite unique as well, with bristles that are not only durable, but much softer and gentler on your teeth and gums. They are further imbued with silver particles, which have known antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria upon contact, prolonging the usability of the brush and head itself.

One thing that is also quite striking is the shape of the toothbrush handle, which forgoes the usual straight design for one that features, what we would argue, a more ergonomically and comfortable handling experience. The slight bend in the structure toward the hand itself allows for greater control over where you brush, something we thought was very clever.

Best of all, Boie brushes will not cost you a lot. They retail at just $12 with replacement heads coming in at $5. Now, to put this into perspective, an average toothbrush is $5, purchased on average every 3 months, totaling $25 a year. With Boie’s brush, you only need to buy one and then just replace the head. Overall, you are saving the environment from the disposal of three extra brushes from each person a year, and this is bound to have a much less impact on the environment.

So, do something simple today to help mother nature by getting your own Boie brush. Check them out at

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