The Shower Experience by Home Eden

Home Eden pride themselves on products that are innovative but more importantly give you and your family ease, comfort, and a more livable and safer home experience. Their Shower Experience is exactly that – an experience, aimed at revolutionizing the tried and tested shower-head with a necessary upgrade and some worthwhile improvements.

The Shower Experience, is a simple and lightweight modern shower-head that can save up to 30% on your water usage and is compatible internationally with most 2mm diameter shower set ups. The head itself, is easy to install (no plumber required) and the device features the modern convenience of 3 Spray Settings include Massage, Rainfall, and Jetting.

What makes this shower-head different is its design. Not only does The Shower Experience increase water speed pressure up to 200% but also helps you obtain smoother skin, neutralize oil secretion, and revived damaged cells thanks to unique ionic filter beads built into the handle itself. As the water is turned on its rushes past this filter therefore promoting healthy, vibrant skin each time you shower.

The Ionic filter is comprised of three different colored stones – white calcium sulfite, which balances the pH level of the water before touching your skin. Far Infa-red stone, which removes impurities from the water and kills bacteria, lastly, germanium stone, a gray stone which aids in skin moisture absorption.

After using the shower-head this past month, we did notice that water has a silky smoothness to it which we really did like. We felt that our skin was more hydrated, important for those suffering from skin conditions like eczema, as one of our testers noted and we love that this thing had some kick. It truly turned our mediocre water pressure into something that felt like you were getting a power wash at a car washing station (perfect for older apartment buildings, we might add). Our only criticism was that we found that the shower-head did drip/leak water occasionally from the face of the head, most notably when changing between pressure settings. This could be just a product of water flow, but it did not happen when the water was turned off. We thought it was worth mentioning though.

The best part of The Shower Experience is the price, at just $26 CAD, this thing is well made and can purify the water that touches your skin, think of it as a Brita water filter for your body.

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