Beyerdynamic T1 Headphones

With a lineage dating back almost 100 years and a desire to produce an excellent sound experience, Beyerdynamic products are characterized by the company’s desire to innovate and continuously develop audio technology with the quality promise “Engineered in Germany”. Their T1 headphones are no exception.

T1, is their premium headphone and excels with faultless impulse fidelity, power, and sound quality. Its frequency range is extraordinarily harmonically tuned; its reproduction is spatially transparent and offers enjoyment of music for the most demanding of listeners. This 2nd generation model features more warmth and musicality with enhanced bass response and uses innovative sound transducers to produce double the volume of it’s competitors. This enhanced efficiency is all thanks to Tesla technology that converts the electric signal into sound vibrations with virtually no loss of performance.

The construction is also very good with its textile-covered connection cable with screwable jack plug, copper sound conductors and open memory foam ear-cups covered with a delicate metallic grill that all exude quality. All of this results in spacious, transparent, and powerful sound with a high impedance of around 600 Ohms. We also appreciated the finer attention to details and included extras such as a long 3m detachable cable and included hard case for transportability.

To sum up, the sound produced by the T1s is second to none. It is rich, full, and clear sounding and designed for the music aficionado with a quality that is worth every penny. These are not the type of headphones you buy at Walmart. If you are serious about sound quality, then check out the T1 by Beyerdynamic.

BUY yours here – beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Audiophile Stereo Headphones with Dynamic Semi-Open Design (Silver)

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