Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon, a company based out of New York are taking the refreshing taste of lemon and combining it with some unique ingredients designed to help users detox, sleep better, get some fabulous skin and hair, and even give you more energy.

Their line of lemon based beverages feature cold pressed real lemon juice as the primary ingredient. Lemon juice is well known for it’s hydrating properties but it also is a great source of Vitamin C and can even support weight loss. We were given the opportunity to try two of the best-selling concoctions, one that is designed to detox and the other to help you sleep.

Their detox beverage, is designed to be drunk before bed and is comprised of – Filtered Water, Cold Pressed Lemon Juice, Dandelion Root, Ginger Root, and Activated Charcoal (From Coconut Shells). The formula itself claims to help calm the stomach, support liver/kidney function and trap impurities before they can be absorbed by the body. After trying this for 6 days straight (a case) we unfortunately were not huge fans of the taste of this one. The charcoal won’t be everyone’s flavor palette and was not ours. As far as it’s detox qualities are concerned, we are going to reserve judgment on this one. We didn’t observe any noticeable changes (unlike the sleep formula) but that does not mean it isn’t working. A longer test period may yield better results.

Their sleep formula on the other hand is a whole other kettle of fish, comprised of Filtered Water, Cold Pressed Lemon Juice, Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol (pure rose water), Proprietary Sleep Blend (Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Chamomile) and Magnesium Glycinate Chelate we had some very positive results from this one. The combination of functional herbs along with Magnesium and rose water is supposed to promote drowsiness and mental calm while also supporting a more restful night’s sleep and we found this to be absolutely accurate. Not only is the taste more pleasant but one bottle of these before bed and we found ourselves falling into a deep slumber much more successfully. So much so, we missed it when we finished the case.

For fans of lemon, these and their other proprietary formulas may aid in promoting healthier skin, a more active you and even a better night sleep, nonetheless, their beverages – if anything – are refreshing and perfect for a warm Summer day.

Check them out at http://www.dirtylemon.com

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