Presse by Bobble

Whether you’re up late or up early, sometimes you just need coffee. It is a hassle to have to get up and prep the coffee maker or worse get in your car half-asleep and drive to your local Starbucks, Bobble have created the ultimate on-the-go coffee solution with the Presse.

So, what is it you ask? Simply put, it is a portable coffee brewer and tumbler in one and brews gourmet coffee in just 3 minutes. Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and food-grade, high-temperature silicone, you simply add ground coffee and hot water to the outer tumbler, leaving about 1 inch at the top of the cup and let it brew. You then place the secure silicone lid on top of the inner press and slowly push down into the tumbler until it nests. During this process, this micro filter at the bottom off the inner press strains the coffee (grind free) into the inner cup for drinking.

Best of all, the 3-wall insulation keeps coffee hot for hours and it is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. One thing we really liked about the Presse was the potential this could have on the larger environment. There will be no more plastic pods filling up landfills, so effectively, the Presse reduces plastic waste and we really like that. It also worth mentioning, that surprisingly, the coffee tastes much better when brewed this way than from our old and tired Keurig or any other pod machine.

Will the Presse replace your coffee maker? Probably not, but for those on the move and want to save yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning or those who want to be more environmentally conscious, this product is for you.

BUY it here – Presse by bobble, On The Go Brewer, Red


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