Haiti Projects – Yoga Bag

Every now and then a product comes across our desk and while it may not be remarkable, what the company itself stands for and does for a community makes this product stand tall in a sea of corporate greed. Haiti Projects, is a non-profit corporation with focused initiatives to empower women of rural Haiti toward self-sufficiency.

Truthfully, we didn’t know a lot about Haiti – especially when it came to the plight and unfortunate life trajectory of many of it’s women. Approximately 60% of women live in extreme poverty in Haiti and women are 20% more likely to be illiterate than men, yet, are expected to use their income to feed, clothe and educate their family members. Haiti projects’ mission is to empower women and their families in rural Haiti and provide access to jobs at fair trade wages, education, health care, and avenues for building a sustainable community.

Haiti Projects: About Us from Haiti Projects on Vimeo.

To fulfill this mission, Haiti Projects educates and employs over 100 women to lift themselves out of poverty and make change in this world. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to try one of their many hand made products, their yoga bag. This beautiful 100% linen bag is stunningly hand embroidered and has a convenient front pocket and shoulder strap for easy carrying. What we really loved about it, was the attention to detail and obvious hard work put in by the artisans in Haiti.

These talented women produce heirloom-quality, handmade apparel and house and home items with proceeds going to support Haiti Projects’ social justice mission, education programs and health initiates in Haiti. It is nice to see an organization striving for change and equality and this is a cause we at One Cut Reviews can get behind and you should too.

Check out all the great work this organization is doing at http://www.haitiprojects.org

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