REKS Optics Sunglasses

REKS, are not your average eyewear company, they set out to make our shades better by embracing innovation as an engine for change and as a result have designed flexible and unbreakable sunglasses that are unlike any other on the market.

Each of their sunglass models feature an unbreakable memory flex polymer construction, simply put they are lightweight, flexible, and fantastic. The material used in the construction means the frame itself has unparalleled strength and durability, something we appreciate in what we put out eyewear through.

However, what good is a frame without a solid pair of lenses? Their lenses are designed from optical grade polycarbonate which means, they too, are shatter resistant and they also offer 100% UV protection from the sun. REKS, also gives consumers the capability to pick a lens to suit their needs with mirrored, polarized, and photochromic styles available.

After being given the opportunity to review their Solux and Lumolux models, we must say we are very impressed by their durability. We basically put them through our own torture tests as we threw them down on every which surface and even dropped them through clumsiness many times and they have held up incredibly well. There are a few scrapes and minor scratches here and there but overall these are well built, look great and look as though they may last.

The best part of REKS sunglasses is their very affordable pricing. At just $30, yes that is not a typo, you get a good-looking pair of sunglasses of above average quality that can take the abuse you throw at them. So, save yourself that extra $150 you would spend on name brands and buy something that simply works and works well.

We recommend the following styles:
REKS Unbreakable AVIATOR Sunglasses, Black Frame, Anti-Reflective Blue Mirror Lens
REKS Unbreakable AVIATOR Sunglasses, Black Frame, Anti-Reflective Blue Mirror Lens


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