baKblade – the back hair grooming tool

Are you more sasquatch than man? Do you have a luscious mane of body hair covering your entire body like a luxurious fur rug? Then perhaps its time to do a little man-scaping, because let’s face it, body hair is manly but when it is on your back it can be unsightly, nay, even a little embarrassing. BaKblade, has the solution with their ultimate back grooming tool.

Let’s face it, conventional approaches to back hair are simply not effective and are time consuming – waxing is painful, chemicals leave rashes, laser hair removal is expensive and simply asking your partner is uncomfortable. BaKblade, makes the hair removal process quick, easy, and pain-free with their flexible long handle razor system.

The effectiveness of baKblade all boils down to their patented Dryglide technology which is designed to control razor flexibility and allows lighter and less rigid friction between razor and skin surface resulting in an easy and pain-free shave. The flex around the razor and the supple cutting blade means this can be used wet or dry with ease.

However, this product is not without its caveats. After using it the first time, poor form and technique resulted in our testers back looking like he had been in a scrap with Freddy Kruger. There were no real instructions on proper form, however, once we watched a few YouTube videos, we got the hang of it. Having said that, it works very well and gives a nice clean shave. All reports say it was simple to use, pain free and quick and even passed our female staff’s seal of approval.

BaKblade, is a solution for many men out there that need to address their ape-like body hair growth when it comes to their back and shoulders. It is a cost-effective way to deal with unsightly body hair that doesn’t involve a hair removal salon or the use of lasers.

Get your baKblade here – Bakblade “Big Mouth” Back Shaver


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