Pillsy – Smart Pill Bottle

If you are like me, taking regular medication or supplements becomes a – Did I take my pill today – moment. In fact, medication adherence leads to 125,000 deaths and $300 billion in wasted health care spending each year. Not surprisingly, researchers have found that in general, forgetfulness is the #1 cause. The creators of Pillsy, want to change all that with their smart pill bottle and app that helps people to remember and track their vitamins and medications.

The technology behind this invention is quite ingenious, the smart pill automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when the user forgets. If the user skips doses Pillsy’s chat bot asks them why, so they can drill down to the core reasons and provide helpful feedback to keep them on track. The smart pill bottle syncs wirelessly to the Pillsy app using Bluetooth and the user gets reminders if they don’t take their pill by the scheduled time via lock screen notifications, SMS messages and phone calls.

This past month, I have used Pillsy exclusively to take my vitamins, something I usually forget to remember. Set up was super easy and my wife and I remarked at just how well this type of device works. Its application could be far reaching including mothers giving medication to their children, reminders for the elderly and even those taking specialty medications for serious diseases. The notifications are consistent and non-obtrusive and serve to correct some bad habits we may all have.

For those who want to monitor their families’ medication intake or even to serve as a reminder for yourself, Pillsy works well to make sure that you remember to take what is important to better your health.

Get your Pillsy at http://www.pillsy.com

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