Shadetree Sunglasses

Shadetree have set out to disrupt the sunglass market with their line of Eco-friendly, wooden sunglasses helping to reduce the environmental burden caused by almost 160,000 pounds (80 tons) of petroleum based plastics that will eventually end up in landfills.

Their mission is to change the way we think about our spending and the environment by aiming to protect your eyes without sacrificing your individuality – or our rain forests. In fact, all their eye-wear from packaging to frame is handcrafted from responsibly-sourced wood.

With many different styles and lenses to choose from, we were given the opportunity to try their Sentinel sunglasses. Created from stunning Red Rosewood, they feature a bronze titanium front with deep brown 100% UV protected polarized lenses and titanium springs to top off what is a beautifully constructed pair of shades.

Over our testing period, we often remarked at the quality of construction. They are reassuringly sturdy and the lenses too have exceptional clarity, something we didn’t expect given their such reasonable price. We were also approached by many people who saw us wearing them and inquired where we got them, they too, loved the wood finish. One thing is certain, it is still rare to see wooden framed sunglasses and this model garnered a lot of attention for its fashion forward and eye-catching design.

Shadetree, not only have environmentally conscious products on their hands but they also know how to make a superb pair of shades for the modern man or woman. So, feel better about the next pair of sunglasses you purchase and check out Shadetree Sunglasses.

See their range of shades at

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