Revolar – Personal Safety Device

Personal safety is paramount in today’s modern world, with our loved ones frequenting new places and seeking new experiences, we, as friends or family, need to be reassured that everything is OK or can assist them immediately if they are in any kind of trouble. Revolar, wants to keep your loved one’s safe with a discreet personal safety device that can alert the people you care about most, at the first sign of trouble.

The device itself attaches to a key-chain, bag, or user them self and consists of a single click multi function button. To activate the unit, you simply download the Revolar proprietary app and synchronize it to your device using Bluetooth. The unit has exceptional battery life thanks to being a low energy Bluetooth device and is also waterproof for added peace of mind.

Once activated, Revolar has 3 modes that can be clicked by the user. One click signals to loved ones that you are home safe, known as a check in mode, which worked very well in our testing. It was accurate and is perfect for parents monitoring their children arriving home after school or just to tell loved ones you have arrived. Two clicks or a yellow alert, notifies your loved ones that something may be wrong and that you may need assistance. Lastly, 3 clicks of the button will activate a red alert which signifies immediate assistance is needed and possibly even emergency care services.

The application for this kind of device is vast, from someone who lives alone to tracking your child’s whereabouts, the device worked flawlessly over our testing period. The real star of the show here though is the Revolar app. It is intuitive and couples well with this form of technology. Being able to see your loved ones’ live location on a map is comforting and what sets this device about the rest in the market is that there are no hidden monthly fees and messages to loved ones can be customized if you wish. Put simply, it just does exactly what it says it will and this is a nice welcome change in the tech. world.

If you care about your loved ones’ welfare and wellbeing, this inexpensive device is simply peace of mind and is worth your money. Check it out at

BUY your Revolar here at this special One Cut price – Revolar- Smart Personal Safety Device. App-enabled GPS tracker with live location sharing & 3 custom alert levels. Doubles as item tracker & phone finder.No fees, year-long battery included.White/Teal


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