Mondo by Botta Design

Made with travelers in mind, the Mondo by Botta Design wants to change the way you think about your wristwatch by giving you the ability to tell the time in a different time zone, perfect for the real sea, land, or air warriors.

Known as a dual-time zone watch, the Mondo shows the local time zone in the twelve-hour format, plus another time zone of your choice in the 24-hour format. This is made possible by using not two but three watch hands. The outer 24-hour display is based on the one-hand principle, whereby the user takes a more relaxed approach to their notion of time. An artificial horizon divides the watch face and 24-hour ring into a (lighter) day half and a (darker) night half. The discreet hand for the second time-zone completes one full rotation every 24 hours, thereby showing clearly how far the day in another part of the world has progressed.

Quality wise, Botta have yet again nailed the aesthetics of the watch with its flat stainless-steel disc like 40mm casing with sloped edges and genuine leather watch strap that slots itself underneath the housing giving a beautiful seamless appearance. Powered by Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement coupled with scratch proof sapphire glass and a special coating added to the steel, this produces a very sexy transparent bluish shimmer that must be seen.

In a world of smartwatches, there is still something tangible about a traditional high quality wristwatch that seems to ooze class and presence when you wear it on your wrist to be seen; that is just the thing – this watch is meant to be worn, to accompany a good suit on a night out with the lady, and, if you buy into Klaus Botta the designer of Mondo’ “form follows function” principle then you don’t need to add any more complexity to your day to day life and we should appreciate the value of tradition. A principle we can get behind.

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Buy your Mondo watch here – MONDO BLACK EDITION, Dual Timer Men’s Watch by Botta Design (Leather Strap) – 269010BE


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